• Everybody Says

    Everybody Says "Better Than Ever!" New "Velvet-Suds" Ivory Soap

    Large color photograph of a European American baby surrounded by three photographs of European American women in domestic activities.

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  • Uncle Sam Supplying the World With Berry Bros. Hard Oil Finish

    Uncle Sam Supplying the World With Berry Bros. Hard Oil Finish

    Uncle Sam hands out Berry Brothers hard oil finish to men representing a range of nationalities.

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  • "All we could desire" Chevrolet The Only Complete Low-Priced Car

    Young European American man and young European American woman driving in a car.

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  • Pepsi's got a lot to give.

    Pepsi's got a lot to give.

    Four young women (one African American and three European American) laying on beach drinking Pepsi.

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  • Drive Thru

    Drive Thru

    A brown hand giving a McDonald's bag to a white hand.

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  • Darwin Fan

    Darwin Fan

    Color representation of monkey and persons of African, Asian, Native American, and European ancestry on a fan.

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  • Go Easy Fellas-Save the Ritz

    Go Easy Fellas-Save the Ritz

    Three young European American boys whisper while one other young European American boy takes the box of Ritz.

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  • Marlboro Country

    Marlboro Country

    European American cowboy on horse chases another horse through mountainous area.

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  • Iron Eyes Cody

    Iron Eyes Cody

    Iron Eyes Cody sheds a tear about pollution.

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